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Products from aXs Info

INSTANT RETRIEVAL — Your records on your desktop at your fingertips from anywhere in the world!

NUMEROUS SEARCH OPTIONS — Utilizing one of the “fastest retrieval engines,” search capabilities are virtually unlimited.

SECURITY RIGHTS — Protect information on the entire system from a single word on a document to entire departments worth of information.

AUDIT TRAIL — Allows you to track activity (record access, what action was taken, by what user, and the date and time).

REPORTS AND RETENTION PERIODS — 10 different reports are available to run on your repository! Receive notification when documents have reached their purge date based on your retention policy.

SECURE ARCHIVE — Create digital backups that are searchable and password protected.

USER-FRIENDLY — No scanner required. Training can be completed in a matter of minutes!

DIVERSE RANGE OF ACCEPTABLE FILE FORMATS — Non-proprietary software will store files, images, emails, movies, music, and diverse formats such as TIFF, PDF, MS WORD, EXCEL, JPEG, AUDIO/VIDEO, POWERPOINT, AND OTHERS.

LICENSES — Concurrent user system; Full and View Only Licenses.

SUPPORTS ANNOTATIONS AND LINKING — Add sticky notes, stamps, redactions, etc., that do not change actual image. Link documents within a department and throughout all departments in a company.

OCR (OPTICAL CHARACTER RECOGNITION) — Eliminate lost files! Search and retrieve with extremely high accuracy of all typed text.


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