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Document Storage &
Scan-on-Demand Delivery

Let us help keep your documents secure, safe and easy to access
  • Free up expensive office space

    Remove the clutter from your office. Clean out your file cabinets. Make more room for generating more revenue in your business. Eliminate potential security breaches or the accidental release of confidential information.

  • We do it all & make it easy

    JHS will purge and inventory your documents for you. We will safely transport your documents to our secure, environmentally controlled warehouse. Your documents can be stored in accordance to your retention schedule and as the documents reach their end of life, we will shred them and send you a Certificate of Destruction.

  • Scan on demand for fast delivery

    If at any time during the storage period, you wish to retrieve a document or a box of documents, we are happy to help. We will pull your box from the warehouse and retrieve the requested file. We will scan your document, provide 100% Quality Assurance checks on all of the scanned images and encrypt the file for your security before emailing it to you through our secure server. You only pay for scanning the files you need scanned. In the alternative, we can fax the file to you, or make a hand delivery if you require.

  • How to get started

    Call JHS now to see how we can help you become more compliant and provide your document storage needs.