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Document Management Software

Find the documents you need when you need them
  • Featuring aXs Document Management Software

    aXs Info Document Management software is a very robust & powerful product that is affordably priced. With features like optical character recognition, annotations, workflow, electronic forms, email archive and much more, aXs Info tremendously improves your document management abilities. aXs Info enables you to capture, store, retrieve and manage the critical business information that flows through your business empowering you to create better efficiencies and improve overall productivity.

  • Tons of options

    aXs Info is easily integrated into your existing applications, and is scalable from one user to an unlimited number of users. Add-on modules and “extra” features and functions found in other software products are included in one, simple-to-use core configuration of the aXs Info product.

  • Store any type of information

    Scanned documents, Windows application documents, data from in-house legacy systems, images, audio, video, PDF, HTML, CAD, etc. can all be stored in the aXs Information electronic repository. And yes, files can be saved in their native format!

  • Save time & paper

    No need to scan! You can save time, money and paper by “printing” to the aXs Info repository.

  • Stay secure & compliant

    Solve your regulatory and security concerns with aXs Info. Many features were built into the software to help companies like yours comply with complex HIPAA, SEC, FDA and other legal/regulatory compliance requirements. aXs Info has reporting capabilities, security access controls, change controls, record retention, etc.

  • How to get started

    Call JHS Document Solutions today for a demonstration of this powerful product. We provide expert installation and training.