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Document Destruction

Secure and confidential records destruction
  • We are the experts

    JHS Document Solutions is an expert in Certified Document Destruction services. JHS will shred your confidential documents using secure, HIPAA compliant methods and equipment. We take care of your security issues. Scanning your documents can be done on-site, right in your parking lot or we can perform the confidential document shredding at our facility.

  • We have options

    We offer locked bins of various sizes for use in your offices. Bins that fit under a desk, larger ones that fit well in a hallway or copy room, and 96 gallon rolling carts that work well either in a large copy center or storage area.

    Our services can be arranged as a one-time purge service or set up as a regular monthly shredding service. JHS will come to your offices and empty shred the contents of the locked bins each month, bimonthly or on an on-call basis.

  • Secure and confidential

    You can be assured your files are shredded completely and confidentially. When the shredding process has been completed, after each session, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction documenting what was shredded and on what date.

  • Very affordable

    You will be surprised how affordable your security can be. Request a quote today for our document and paper shredding services or call 910 790 9600 now for an instant quote.

  • We can help any business

    JHS offers regular purge services on an annual basis for shredding patient records in doctors’ offices, maintenance records at auto dealerships, production records at manufacturers, and expired tax records for accounting firms. County and state governments also use our shredding services for all expired documents. Call us now to see how we can make your business more secure and save you time and money.