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Why using JHS Document Solutions is smart business
  • What makes JHS Document Solutions different?

    At JHS, we’re serious about our work. We stand out among our peers for our dedication to our customers and our commitment to quality. JHS Document Solutions offers the technical expertise, customer service, and quality assurance that successful businesses require. Simply put, we abide by a higher standard.

  • Quality

    We guarantee that your documents will be captured using the highest standards of quality. Because our services meet the stringent regulatory standards of the Food and Drug Administration, the pharmaceutical industry, HIPAA, Health Care practices, and Legal requirements, we promise to bring you complete, accurate, timely document imaging service, regardless of your business.

    At JHS, our employees receive continuous training in the latest technology and Standard Operating Procedures, and our equipment undergoes frequent and rigorous testing. We stay at the cutting edge of our industry in order to deliver the most beneficial services for your business. We have employees that are highly trained in the field of document management, some hold the coveted Enterprise Content Management certification issued through the Association for Information and Image Management International.  We know that the quality of your documents is crucial, and that’s why we check every page against our exacting quality standards. We work your way, and we’re not satisfied until you are. Call anytime, and we’re here to answer questions and offer support.

  • Compliance and confidentiality

    JHS Document Solutions is proud to offer the highest level of confidentiality for your documents. We designed our Imaging Center to accommodate the high-security needs of government-regulated industries, and we offer that same degree of security to all of our clients. Moreover, we continuously back up all information on a variety of media to create an added level of security.

    JHS is fully HIPAA compliant and CFR 21 Part II (FDA) compliant. Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies will particularly benefit from working with JHS, due to our familiarity with FDA documentation requirements. We’ve scanned millions of pages of industry records, including Clinical Studies, Data Packages, Case Report Forms, Laboratory Notebooks, and more. Our familiarity with regulated industries enables us to provide smart, secure, innovative service to businesses of all types.

  • Customer service

    It’s our goal to provide tangible benefits for your business through attentive, focused customer service. We carefully assess your organization’s information flow, identify bottlenecks and hindrances to productivity, and propose customized, efficient solutions. We give every job our focused attention.

    By combining our technical expertise with an intense drive for customer satisfaction, we remain at the very top of our industry. JHS Document Solutions offers consistent, reliable, personalized service and support to every one of our customers. Call us today or Request a Free Quote. We’ll be happy to exceed your service expectations.