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About Us

Let's get to know each other

Company background

JHS Services was incorporated to support computer system validation testing groups in various pharmaceutical companies as well as private consulting firms that performed the same function. Demand grew for our services into other areas of the pharmaceutical industry and we quickly became one of the first on-site scanning service companies in the industry. We have come a long way since our start in 1996 and so has the technology. We now work with several other business groups such as banking, legal, universities, city and county governments, engineering firms and physician groups. We have partnered with software developers that enable us to provide complete document management solutions to our clients including e-forms and workflow. We have years of experience integrating scanned images into various software products.

We are members of the Drug Information Association, the Association of Information and Image Management International, and the Association of Records Managers and Administrators, Inc. We attend training sessions and conferences of these organizations as well as educational training at the annual Information Technology Education & Exposition.

JHS is committed to providing the highest quality images with 100% quality assurance, verifying every image to every sheet of paper in our scanning operation. Our work is detailed in custom written Standard Operating Procedures and all of our employees are trained on these. Individual Procedures are written for each client or per-project as needed. Our work is in compliance with FDA guidelines, CFR21 Part 11, and HIPAA and HITECH. All of our employees are trained on GMP requirements and we work to those standards every day.

Our main services

  • Document scanning, including on-site scanning services
  • Secure storage of hard-copy paper files
  • Certified document destruction; paper shredding
  • Document management software sales
  • Scanner and scanning software sales and service

Meet our president

John Stemke
John Stemke

John Stemke is the President of JHS Document Solutions. Prior to establishing JHS Document Solutions in 2001, John served as Director of Imaging and Information at a major pharmaceutical information company, served as Vice President of two different corporations and held various other management positions. John has presented seminars at numerous events and authored articles on document imaging, document management, and outsourcing. He is a member of the Association of Records Managers and Administrators, Inc. (ARMA) and is active in the Mid-Atlantic Region. John is an active member in the Association of Information and Image Management International (AIIM) and the Drug Information Association (DIA). He frequently participates in industry-related seminars and conferences.

On the personal side, John has been happily married to his wife Lynn for over 25 years and they have two wonderfully successful children, Ash and Megan. John is an Eagle Scout, conservationist, an avid boater and a fisherman. He holds a 100-ton USCG Masters License and operates a yacht delivery business. John also enjoys several sporting activities; skiing, hiking, biking, volleyball, and swimming. His hobbies include growing a variety of flowers and vegetables, reading and traveling.

Professional memberships:
AIIM – Association of Information and Image Management International
ARMA – Association of Records Managers and Administrators, Inc.
DIA – Drug Information Association

Why we’re unique

To put it simply, we’re devoted to personalized customer service. We take pride in the relationships we build with our clients, and by providing consistent and detailed support, frequent visits, and consistent follow-ups, we ensure that our clients experience the highest level of satisfaction in both our service and our work.

Who we serve

Our clients include pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies, county and city governments, doctors, lawyers, hospitals, universities and banks. Smooth workflows are crucial, so we make sure we deliver excellent service without causing interruption to operations. Bottom line: if you’ve got a lot of records you need to store and access more efficiently, we can help!

Eyes on the prize

We devote our full attention to every job. That’s why we develop customized Standard Operating Procedures for each job we undertake. Our employees receive specific, documented training for each SOP, and carry out each job according to our exacting 100% Quality Standards. We check every page to ensure we’ve met your needs with the accuracy and quality you deserve.

100% guaranteed

At JHS, we underscore the quality of our work with a full guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with any of our work, we will gladly correct the problem, and you’ll never be billed for our error. When you require steadfast, personalized solutions for your document storage and retrieval needs, we’re here to help. Call us today to receive a free sample of our work.